Rapid Creek References

Click here for a reference list with information about wildlife, history, water, research and management in the Rapid Creek catchment.

Landcare Group Reports

Click here to read reports, submissions and fact sheets prepared by the Rapid Creek Landcare Group.

Rapid Creek Management Plan

The group works to implement the Rapid Creek Management Plan. Download the plan here.

Species Lists

Download these lists:

  1. Rapid Creek Birdwatching List

  2. Rapid Creek Native Vegetation Species

Rapid Creek (Gurambai) - Education Project

Rapid Creek (Gurambai) - booklet (6MB).

Education Project materials:

  1. Introduction (4MB)

  2. English Activities (7MB)

  3. Social Activities (9MB)

  4. Resources (10MB)

Indigenous Knowledge

Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) Seasons Calendar