Habitat protected for special owl

Rapid Creek is home to the rare Rufous Owl, its presence highlights the significance of the monsoon rainforest lining the creek (owl pictured clasping its latest meal at Rapid Creek, January 2019). Thanks to efforts of landcare group members and City of Darwin aldermen, the Darwin International Airport drilled their new rising sewer main right underneath Rapid Creek and the surrounding rainforest. The airport’s original plan was to trench the sewer through the owl’s habitat, clearing a wide swathe of vegetation. Read the City of Darwin papers here.

Conservation zoning

In June 2014 the Landcare group commenced lobbying to have a significant section of City of Darwin Land at Rapid Creek zoned Conservation in order to provide strong protection into the future. The City of Darwin consequently applied to rezone the land. The group wrote a detailed submission to support the application - read it here. Following years of persistent lobbying the group was rewarded with the NT Government finally approving the rezoning in 2020. The Rapid Creek Landcare Group applauds the City of Darwin for applying to rezone the land, and Minister Lawler for approving the rezoning. The official notice can be read here.

Alleged illegal clearing in the upper catchment

The Landcare Group was devastated to find mature native vegetation cleared at 1 Boulter Road. The clearing is allegedly illegal but it wasn't prosecuted despite Minister Tollner admitting that there is clear evidence of who carried out the clearing. The Minister has rewarded the illegal clearing by rezoning the land to facilitate development. The group managed to get significant media attention on this issue which highlighted the need for a stronger planning regime. Read more.

Proposed removal of trees to stop flooding

The NT Government considered removing beautiful, native trees at Rapid Creek in the name of 'flood mitigation'. Experts say removing trees will not help to reduce flooding. Rapid Creek Landcare and the community called on the NT Government to stop wasting taxpayers’ money investigating vegetation removal as an option to mitigate flooding at Rapid Creek. Read more.

Landcare group submissions

The Rapid Creek Landcare Group comments on development proposals and other issues which may impact on the catchment. Our submissions can be viewed in Landcare group papers. We encourage our members and the general public to comment on development proposals themselves. Watch out for pink or yellow planning signs which refer to changes under the NT Planning Scheme. Issues relating to the airport (which is on land controlled by the Australian Government) are discussed by the Darwin International Airport Community Consultation Group.