NT Government flood mitigation update

Current tender

NTG flood mitigation update - Read here

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Response Schedule

Schedule of Rates

Appendix A - Erosion and Sediment Control Plan - SK-001

Appendix B - Erosion and Sediment Control Notes and Details - SK-002

Appendix C - Catch Drains - CD-01

Appendix D - Catch Drains - Earth Lined - CD-02

Appendix E - Sediment Fence - SF-01

Appendix F - Sediment Fence - SF-02

Appendix G - Check Dams - RCD-01

Appendix H - Construction Exit - Vibration Grid - SD-EXIT-04

Appendix I - Construction Exit - Vibration Grid - SD-EXIT-05

Appendix J - Sediment Weir Instream - SD-SW-3

Appendix K - Sediment Weir Instream - SD-SW-4

Appendix L - Safety in Design

Appendix M - Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority C2016 019

Appendix N - Environmental Management Plan

Appendix O - Factual Report on Geotechnical Investigation

Appendix P - Factual Report on Additional Geotechnical Investigation

First tender - now superceded

NTG flood mitigation update - Read here

Tender documents


Factual Report on Geotechnical Investigation, Proposed Flood Mitigation Works

Rapid Creek Flood Mitigation Works - DIPL Geotechnical Report

Conditions of Contract



Safety in Design


Building Northern Territory Industry Participation Policy

IEPS Summary

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